Bill Burdick, Vice-President/COO

Bill Burdick is a Professional Engineer (retired status) who was licensed in Florida. He practiced engineering for some 30 years. Bill and Willis are co-owners of Willis Sinclair Homes. Officially, Bill is the Vice President and COO of Willis Sinclair, Inc.

After a hitch in the Army during the Vietnam era, he returned to college and earned his BS degree in Electrical Engineering.

His forte was electronic circuit design. If you flew on commercial air carriers back in the 70s, 80s or 90s, your airplane very likely had some of Billís circuitry on it.

Later, he designed power supplies for Magnavox and Philips televisions. Millions of his circuits were built in the Tennessee and Mexico factories of Philips. Bill then moved into management and led several international projects for Philips.

In the mid 90s, he moved back to his home state, Florida, and worked for an inventor who was making electronic and laser hair removers.

In the past few years, Bill has been involved with a number of start up companies. He holds six United States Patents.

He understands the importance of doing things right from his factory days. When a television is going out the door every 20 seconds, it had better be right. That same philosophy carries over into home building. Of course the numbers are much smaller, but the value is much higher.

Bill and Kandy, his wife of over 40 years, have 8 children and 29 grandchildren so far.

Mr. Burdick worked with Willis for almost 4 years at Ponds & Sons before they started their own company.

Bill spends his spare time writing novels for his grandchildren loosely based on his childhood in the Missouri Ozarks in the middle 50s.

When you are ready to build, call (843-846-2500) or email Bill. He can help.